Junior Lawyers Against Poverty is a network of students and young lawyers using their legal skills to fight one of the world’s toughest challenges – eradication of poverty – through global improvement of access to justice

We have been fighting poverty through legal support projects, public interest litigations, twinning campaigns, training and fundraising (amongst other projects!) since we were founded in 2014

We put law at the forefront of what we do. For us, the law is what we know best. But we also believe that access to justice is a fundamental stepping stone on the path to poverty eradication, protection of human rights and sustainable development

Now we are a wide network of students and lawyers, participating from Manchester, Eritrea, London, The Gambia, Exeter, Uganda and many more…

If you want to join us, contact us at oxfamjlap@gmail.com

Our Mission

We aim to raise awareness amongst students of all ages about the role of law and access to justice in eradicating poverty. We help students to develop their knowledge and professional skills to equip them with the capabilities needed to make a meaningful and substantial change.

Money we fundraise goes into the Oxfam Justice Fund which supports projects around the world that promote access to justice and the rule of law for some of the world’s most vulnerable people.  If you would like to support the LAP Justice Fund, you can click here to make a regular donation to Oxfam.

In the words of Oxfam’s general counsel, Joss Saunders:

“If we are ever going to see a just world without poverty – a world in which all people can influence decisions that affect their lives, enjoy their rights, and assume their responsibilities as full citizens of the world – we need a fund that brings together the resources of those dedicated to helping fight injustice”